it’s another wonderful friday.

it’s exceptionally beautiful weather here in chicago today. i have been driving around the south side all day visiting house representatives, letting them know about the Home Birth Safety Act–SB3712. i am so high right now thinking about the beautiful sister birth workers that have come before me. i was honored and privileged to meet an elder birth worker in spite of all the running around. i ended up sitting a speaking with her for about an hour. she made me remember why i’m on this path to midwifery. we so need it in our community. i can’t wait to build with her again.

i wanted to share another powerful image of goddesses at work. this photo is from a old issue of Life Magazine of two breastfeeding mamas and their other children on the front of a rural hospital.  this is for all the granny and traditional midwives. thanks for your life work, wisdom, and inspiration.

RBGs stand up!!!!

feed your babies right!