My family convenes every year for about 4 days at the end of November to love up and recharge each other for the year coming. I love seeing my family and hate to miss the precious times we are all able to see each other. This year’s “Thanks Taking” event was held in McDonough, GA; 735 miles from wintry Chicago.

We drove down there. Imagine, 12 hours with my 6′ 1″ partner, our 2 month old baby, me, and tons of baby and adult necessities– all in a compact rental car. Surprisingly, Ahimsa did very well on the ride, only waking every now and then to let us know she’s hungry. It was actually me that kept having anxiety fits on the road. All in all, the ride wasn’t bad at all. Watching the colors change from brown to green as we drove further and further south was something magical.

This year was especially important for us. The family had two beautiful, new additions-my 2 month old baby Ahimsa and my new niece, Selah (also born at home), who is 5 weeks younger.

Can you say too cute!? These two cuddle duds were the life of the party. Big cousins, aunties, and uncles got a kick out of passing them around like hot biscuits.

I loved seeing everyone and spending time in the warmth of loving arms and nature-Marsha, Elizabeth, Nika, The Flemings, Kye, Selah, Jeanetta, Rod, Skip, and Louise. And most definitely Walter and Ahimsa. I am truly thankful to be loved by family. It’s uplifting and confirms who I am.

Who or what confirms you?