Hi! My name is camille and attached is a pic of my baby georgi and I last summer @ 17 months.  She is now 27 months and we are still breastfeeding! People often seem disturbed but neither of us is ready to part with it. 

Breastfeeding was something that I have always longed to do with and for my babies.  I feel like I was robbed of that right (and rite) with my older twin girls and am absolutely in love with breastfeeding so much so I also started a breastfeeding project some time ago.

What I love about breastfeeding is the warmth, the closeness, the comfort it provides me and my baby. It feels healing. I also love that my baby has not been sick or experienced any digestive issues as I’ve experienced with formula fed babies. At the hint of a cold, she nurses as often as she likes and it’s gone rather quickly. I believe breastfeeding has nurtured my patience and potential as a mom. I also feel like it has given me the opportunity to slow down and notice all the little new things my baby is doing.

I think there needs to be more exposure for women in general about breastfeeding as normal but also to have the support in hospitals and at birth that breastfeeding is the expectation and to have people who feel adamantly by mom to ensure that happens (not on standby with an enfamil bottle and a pacifier).