Lea (right) & Janessa with their babies
How long did I breastfeed that babe for: 3.5 years.  
I tried to wean her gently and finally had to go cold turkey. Mama was more than ready.  My child was not thrilled with the idea at all and it took her about 6 months to finally concede that I won that battle.

For me choosing to breastfeed wasn’t really a choice. It is what is done.  My grandmother didn’t but both my mother and my aunt did.  So when I was pregnant not breastfeeding wasn’t really even a thought.  I know that that is odd, but it’s true.  Even my father expected that I would breastfeed, so it really is just what we as a family do.

What do I love about breastfeeding…this is a question I have a really hard time answering.  As I said breastfeeding is our norm so there isn’t anything to really LOVE about it it just is.  There is all the snuggling and warmth, but I don’t think that mom’s who don’t breastfeed are denied snuggling just based on feeding choice.  Breastfeeding can be hard, but only in the sense that caring and feeding for a baby is hard.  You never know if they have “gotten enough” or whether that cry is hunger, GI distress, a scratchy tag or goodness only knows what else.
Breastfeeding is easy because well if you can’t figure out the answer stick a boob in the babe’s mouth and at least you buy yourself some time to figure it out.  Breastfeeding is hard because a huge part of your personal intimate relationship is now someone else’s food source.  Separating those functions out so that you can re-claim yourself as a wife/partner and still develop and grow as a mother is psychologically very hard.  

Breastfeeding is easy because well where else are you going to get customized, organic food for so cheap!