I am Shaniqua, and my son is “DJ”.

In the first photo DJ is 1 day old we are still in the hospital room recovering. In the second photo where DJ is wearing a red shirt, he is about 4 months old relaxing enjoying his nursing on the bed. 

I am still breastfeeding and my son is 19 months old. I learned about the positives of breastfeeding through my bestfriend who began childbearing before me.

Once I began to do my homework I thought bonding through nursing would be something I enjoyed.

I love the bonding and calming effect breastfeeding has. Last week my son had surgery and he was feeling awful and yucky, nursing him soothed him. The nurse took out his saline drip IV because he was nursing and receiving nutrients, that was an awesome moment.

There is nothing that can replace the healing and nutritious properties of breast milk, it is the best medicine.