Ahimsa had a visit with an opthalmologist today. About a week ago, I notice a tiny, clear bump on her pupil. Knowing this sometimes happens with allergies in babies I wasn’t too concerned. That is until she work up yesterday with a blood-shot eye.

Pink eye, a sty, some type of infection (the little boy at her daycare had an eye infection 2 weeks ago); I began to panic. I called her pediatrician and was able to get her in right away.

We get there and a doc I had never seen before gives her a look. After about 29 seconds he says politely, “You know…I don’t really know. I’m going to refer you to an opthalmologist.”

I immediately thought about that Nina Simone song, “Ain’t Got No/I Got Life.” It was at that second that I remembered how disjointed western medicine is. How could I have forgotten?! Western medicine is okay if you need it but it ain’t holistic, honey.


“I got my tongue. My cheek. My neck. My boobies!” Nina sang in my ears as we got to the ophthalmologist’s office. We got in the room and the chair and all the microscopes were a bit intimidating.


Ahimsa’s fierce and was fearless (although that is to be expected). The doc was very patient and sweet but I couldn’t help thinking about needing to find a better way to address the health concerns and needs of my family.

We totally need a more holistic practitioner and not only a list of folks that attend to her various parts.

What kind of practitioners do you and/or your family use to address you basic health needs?

By the way, Ahimsa’s eyes are totally fine. Just a little new mama paranoia.