Saturday, June 11

8:45 am- woke up and realized we had no toilet paper

8:53 am- walk to closest Dominicks

9:02 am- spent 10 minutes trying to decide which brand to get. finally just pick the brand that had the most rolls for the cheapest price.

10:30 am-head to Lincoln (No) Park(ing) for a play date with co-worker. But first a yummy vegan breakfast sandwich from Delicious Cafe.

11:30 am- find parking near Lincoln Park after driving around for close to 40 minutes.

11:40 am- find my friend and his gorgeous daughter at the park taking advantage of the S-W-I-N-G. Ahimsa enjoys her swinging as well.

12:18 pm- play date ends due slide mishap (sorry, baby). Ahimsa and I go visit the Farm-in-the-Zoo.

12:50 pm- after looking at Jacob the goat, cows, bees, and the farm, Ahimsa spots a cow puppet held by one of the volunteers. Her love for it causes quite a stir on the farm.

1:23 pm- a hungry, sleepy baby has mama nursing right in front of the farmer’s market. oh, how i love the blank stares of the passer-bys.

1:35 pm- with my solo “nurse-in” completed, Ahimsa and I stroll through the Lincoln Park Farmer’s Market. mama had to truly restrain herself from buying seedlings. will get them soon enough.

2:20 pm- at great-aunt’s house visiting her and my little cousin. Ahimsa full of smiles and talking mucho to her great-GREAT aunt. beautiful to see the generations of women and babies in one place. wisdom…grace…legacy…LOVE.

2:45 pm- little cousin (baby), baby, and I head to Winnetka for another cousin’s bridal shower.

3:15 pm- we’re the first people here. Ahimsa enjoying all the empty space to crawl around in.

3:25 pm- uncle offers Ahimsa a York peppermint patty. No, thank you. Lol.

3:30 pm- cousin arrives looking GORGEOUS!!

4:19 pm- uncle offers Ahimsa a meatball. No, thank you. Stearn face.

4:21 pm- Ahimsa finds pieces of a meatball on floor. have to snatch it out her hand before she demolishes it. very pissed.

5:30 pm- smiling and enjoying hanging out with family and loving the attention my soon-to-be married cousin is getting. she deserves it!

6:45 pm- say good night to great-aunt. sweet kisses…

8:45 pm- Ahimsa having a GOOD nap. partner and i cuddle and get some time in. we watch Mooz-lum, the movie. EXCELLENT!

Sunday, June 12

9:13 am- wake up to a puddle in our family bed. got to change Ahimsa and see that all her diapers are dirty.

9:16 am- realize there is no detergent.

9:20 am- family walk to the closest Dominicks to buy detergent. The selection process is VERY easy. Lol. No fragrance, no flavors or colors, no bull$%^&!

10:40 am- Walter puts music on my iphone. we figure out how add ring tones from the music I have on my phone. Baby Fat by Sticman from The Workout album, is my new ringtone!

11:30 am- Preparing to go to dance class with my crew. put the hem in my white skirt so that I can wear it in dance class.

12:15 pm- fixing the skirt is taking longer than I anticipated. have to finish!!

12:36 pm- put together the fixings for scrambled tofu and blueberry pancakes. walter cooks everything up while i work on skirt.

12:53 pm- Ahimsa is screaming!! She wants to play but Walter is cooking and I’m sewing. I bring her as close to me as possible so she can see what I am doing. We talk about how maybe one day she’ll be a better sewer than me.

1:15 pm- don’t get to eat what Walter made because I am STILL sewing. I have taking this skirt to a whole new level. it is in fact not the same skirt i started with. i am completely obsessed and need to finish it.

2:10 pm- Ahimsa and I are running out the house to try and make it to dance class on time. Class starts at 2:30.

2:25 pm- arrive at the spot.

2:27 pm- realize I am at the wrong spot.

2:40 pm- get to the right spot. RumbleArts, African Dance and drum. all my family-friends are here! Hugs and kisses all around.

2:42 pm- meet sister, SoulVegMama and her beautiful baby boy for the first time!!!! YEAH!

2:45 pm- realize i am the only person in all white. ok, so this is not an Orisha dance class. went crazy fixing my skirt for nothing. oh well, time to dance!

3:10 pm- enjoying the moment, the movement, the energy. Babies are content. Loving my fam!

4:20pm- dance class over! Commune…now time to eat.

5:40 pm- we arrive. Indian food, sharing vegan yumminess! what a way to eat!

8:45 pm- back at home with my boo. Ahimsa sleep;)

9:30 pm- watched the end of Do the Right Thing.

10:00 pm- time for bed!

Great weekend…many more to come!

How do you like to spent your weekends?