A little breastfeeding humor I got from the Tumblr page I Love Charts.

Sorry folks for the different format for your RBG posts. I saw this picture and had to share it. Although I’m not 100% crazy about the legend in this pie chart, I TOTALLY dig the message. When I breastfeed in public, it’s to feed Ahimsa. I have to admit, at times, how I breastfeed may be a little bit political, as I’m a guerilla mama of color and everything is political (especially when it comes to our bodies and the policing of them). But ultimately, I nurse publicly because my child gets hungry (or scared or overwhelmed or sleepy) in public.

Which is why, nursing my baby on Chicago’s “el” should not make me want to vomit.

The other day while riding, Ahimsa in all her tiredness goes from standing on my lap to diving head first into my chest all while pulling my dress down. I realize she’s sleepy and hungry and go about my business nursing her. With all the stimulation, I can only imagine how she instinctively needed to turn inward, deflect some stares and comments, in order get her sleep on.

So back to the vomiting. Ahimsa’s nursing, stop after stop folks are coming and going. By the way, I don’t always cover up when I nurse, especially if I have on a sling or it’s hot as hell.

Anyway, an outburst causes Ahimsa to look up and around. It is then that my left breast waves to the passengers but was quickly hidden again by my baby’s latch. I don’t know why I immediately looked up and around, but I did, only to see a very disguising older, white “gentleman” staring me down. And with a God-awful smirk on his face.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you’re like ” I know I didn’t just see what I thought I saw.” Well, I had that moment. I looked away and then quickly looked back to see him smiling even harder. Wait, did I just see him flutter his eyebrows (ol’ googly eyes)!?!

I believe I gave him the look of death. His face went COMPLETELY white and that funky little smirk disappeared with a quickness. He looked truly shocked at my disdain and anger. I think it was then that I mouthed “f$%^ off!” which caused him to look somewhere else embarrassed.

I was livid.

Do I think I will cover up next time? Hell no. Should I have said something else to him? Dunno. Will I probably continue to get stares, jeers, and perverted looks. Prolly so.

And I don’t care.

Tell me, how you breast feed in public? Do you cover up? Why or why not?