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RBG in Cyberspace!


This is what I found when I googled: “African woman breastfeeding baby”

It’s hard to believe we’re 27 months strong with breastfeeding.

Feed them babies, ya’ll! RBG for life!


green diva and the little empress in action.

gettin’ low with my tom’s on…

peace pinwheels + earthly love = smiling spirit

thanks to my sister kye for the land, to auntie loretta for the guidance, and to oriana and stephanie for the seeds and seedlings.

i am a happy girl…

Jeanine @greendivasuper

Future Midwife :: Vintage Scrubs (circa 1988)

Going through boxes of old fabric (I used to make clothes once upon a time), I found some green scrubs of my mother’s.  They are from 1988; from when she working at a clinic in Evanston. They screamed from the box “Wear me, future midwife!”

And so I obliged.

I rocked them for her on this past Mama’s Day.

I miss you, Mama…but look at me, all’ed grown up.

Jeanine @greendivasuper


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