“Be healthy ya’ll!!”-Dead Prez

I recently got hip to an awesome online magazine called Frugivore. As a “fruitful lifestyle magazine,” Frugivore has become my daily source of healthful lifestyle news.

Taken directly from the website:

Frugivore is a radically conservative and liberating approach to human health and sustainability. Frugivore offers journalistic and opinionated editorial material by some of the most innovative minds in nutrition, athletics, fitness, and culture.

Back in May, they published a piece announcing their new series called “Black Female Vegetarian: Frugivore’s New Series.” This series will focus on highlighting Black female vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians. With sisters taking control of our own health and wellness, I think this series provides a space to commune, to share, and hopefully, to inspire others to do the same.

Last week I was featured in the series. As a Black female vegan, I love learning about other sisters and communities of Black women that adhere to this lifestyle. I have found it to be so helpful to be able to ask questions, get advice, and to find new and better ways to maintain, especially when I comes to vegan pregnancy and child-rearing. I’ve learned so much on this path and look forward to learning more.

To read about my journey to meat-lessness, check out my interview here.

Keep checking the website as a new vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian sister will be featured each week.

Be well, Jeanine